A “Green” Bag-Packer (Part 3)

Posted on February 14, 2015 by Categories: Charity

Spent another great day at Sainsburys yesterday bag packing with Doorway.

Again the customers were great with their generosity and friendliness and so were the staff, special thanks to Jenna for  “allowing” me to go outside for a smoke break !

On my first session in November a lot of people were saying what a fantastic job “us” volunteers were doing. So the following Monday I spoke  to Lisa at the regular breakfast session asking how she felt about me in future if I could actually tell people that I was a “guest” doing a little bit to give something back for everything that Doorway do for us. She said that if I felt comfortable with that then yes go for it.

Well yesterday I was able to tell people that I was in fact a guest doing my little bit and telling them how Doorway help me and the other guests (I’m sure they would all agree with me) with the support and services they are all willing to give us, which is fantastic. Once the customers and staff were aware that I was indeed a guest they were all in awe hearing my side of the equation, of the help we do receive from Doorway. Two instances stick out in my mind.

1. One couple who said they always support Doorway especially with the harvest festival collections at their local church were impressed when I thanked them on behalf of all the guests for their support and what it meant to us.

2.  A five year old boy out shopping with his father sat in the trolley asked why I had a green shirt on and what was the bucket for he replied ask him. So we had a 5 minute conversation on why we were there, he then asked his dad if he could put some money in the bucket which with a grin on his face duly did, then saying he was going to tell mummy when he got home what he’d done and with a smile on his face waved goodbye I waved back of course with an even bigger smile on my face, it really made my day.

Thanks again to all the customers and staff at Sainsburys and especially to “team” Doorway for letting me be involved, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day out.  I’m Ready for part 4!!  

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