Corporate Support

At Doorway, we believe that our future depends on engaging with our local community and raising awareness of the benefits of what we are doing for everyone in terms of public safety – not just services for our guests.

Local businesses are an important source of support and funding for Doorway.

The benefits of supporting doorway

  • Positive media coverage – Doorway regularly submits articles to the local press and achieves good results with features included in the Gazette and Herald and Wiltshire Times newspapers; on BBC Radio Wiltshire; and in national publications, local parish magazines etc.
  • Social Media – Doorway has a very dynamic and active twitter account and by supporting us, you have the opportunity to reach a national audience.
  • Inclusion of your company name in our Annual Review
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – many companies are now adopting a CSR policy ensuring that they are making a commitment to helping build a better society by considering not only their staff, customers and stakeholders but also the local community and the environment. This can be achieved successfully through business activities and extra-curricular activities such as charitable donations and partnerships.
  • Increase staff recruitment, motivation and retention – possibly via team building opportunities.
  • Enhance customer loyalty – consumers like to support a company that helps to tackle social issues in the local area, such as homelessness, and which contributes to environmental improvement by recycling items such as mobile phones.

How Your Company Can Support Doorway

There are a number of ways in which we can work together to increase public awareness of the issues surrounding homelessness, and to ensure that Doorway continues to provide a drop-in centre for homeless and marginalised adults in North Wiltshire.

If you would like to discuss ways in which your company can support Doorway, please contact us.


Recycling your used inkjet, laser printer cartridges and mobile phones through Doorway will help us to secure the drop-in’s financial future at no cost to you. Through our partnership with Recycling Appeal we could earn £1 for every used printer cartridge and up to £25 for every used mobile phone donated on our behalf.

Doorway can provide you with a box or envelopes in which to collect goods. You can then choose the method of collection that suits you: we can arrange to collect, provide an address for delivery to our premises, or you can arrange a collection direct with Recycling Appeal by telephone.

Raising Awareness

By allowing us to display information about Doorway on your premises, or by mentioning us in your staff magazine, you would assist us in raising awareness of the service that we provide and the benefits to the whole community.

Company Gift Aid

Not only would your donation go a long way in helping us but you may also qualify for a tax saving.

Gift Aid is a very simple and effective way for businesses to support charity. Gift Aid provisions would enable you to obtain tax relief when you make donations to Doorway. The full amount of the donation is deducted from your company profits when calculating the corporation tax payable for the accounting period in which payments are made.

The amount of tax relief depends on the rate of corporation tax that your company profits are subject to. If your company receives a benefit from the gift, restrictions may apply to the amount of the gift that can be deducted in this way.

Please see the Inland Revenue website for more information.

Payroll Giving / Give As You Earn

Your employees can also help us. In the UK we annually donate almost £6 billion to charity. A recent National Opinion Poll survey shows that, each month, around two thirds of us give to charity.

Payroll Giving is a simple, tax effective way for your employees to make donations. Over 9,000 businesses already offer the benefits of Payroll Giving to around 5 million employees, and the numbers are growing.

Your employees may authorise you to deduct donations from their gross salary for forwarding to Doorway and we will receive tax relief in full on their donations.

In addition, some employers offer ‘matched giving’ schemes where they match or double the employee gift at no extra cost to the employee.

Please see the Inland Revenue website or contact us for more information on payroll giving.

Company Gift Aid and Payroll Giving provide Doorway with a reliable and sustainable funding source which would enable us to plan for the future; develop our services; run more Arts, IT and music workshops; raise our profile in the community and reach out to the whole of North Wiltshire.

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