‘Doorway’ – a poem for Homelessness Sunday

This poem was written by jml10 for, and recited by him at, the Homelessness Sunday Service at St Andrew’s Church, Chippenham, on Sunday January 30th 2011.


                                                    When I didn’t know who I was anymore,

                                                     Couldn’t tell why I was living anymore,

                                          Life was full of knocking, but I couldn’t find the door.

                                                          Keep on staring straight ahead.

                                             How long can you keep on with no roof, no bed?

                                                        Stumble onward ‘til you find a hedge

                                                                         to last the night?


                                                         Until Doorway puts its sign outside;

                                                           a place of warmth and comfort

                                                             for the homeless. To provide

                                                            a helping hand, a guiding step,

                                                               a human smile of welcome.

                                                               Where people are happy to

                                                               know you for who you are

                                                           not for what you have become.


                                                            Thursday afternoons are a treat,

                                                              a chance to unwind, have some

                                                          fun, and there’s always plenty to eat;

                                                              an opportunity to regain a sense

                                                                      of the finer things in life

                                                         things that keep us running to the light.


                                                                    And to keep us running

                                                               there’s football Monday night,

                                                              to put a spring into our step and

                                                                           light upon our feet.


                                                                  Doorway was there to help me

                                                                when I thought all hope had gone

                                                                     and continues to support me

                                                                         and keep me moving on.

                                                            So, thank you for all your good company,

                                                                              staff and volunteers,

                                                                     and thanks for looking after me

                                                                         over these past few years.


                                                                 There’s a place for all at Doorway,

                                                                  and in my heart you’ll always be,

                                                    because if there wasn’t a place called Doorway-

                                                                       there’d be no place for me!

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