Doorway Christmas Tree “Wire and Beads”

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Doorway, once again, displayed a Christmas Tree at the Chippenham Methodist Circuit’s ‘Festival of Christmas Trees’ between 7th and 9th December 2012.

This year, Doorway asked the newly formed Women’s Group to make the decorations and to, very importantly, dress the tree themselves.

Wire and Beads

As the Chief Executive of Doorway, I would like to express my thanks to all the members of the group and let them know just how proud I am of their achievements.

The following article has been written by Mary, who currently runs the Women’s Group as a volunteer.

The fabulous Christmas tree decorations were made by the wonderful women’s group that runs on a Tuesday afternoon.

The group has now been running for six months and in that time we have all become comfortable with each other and have a level of trust that is great.

Whilst creating the Christmas decs there has been a lot of talk about what Christmas means to us, for some it is not been a happy time, a lot of emotional issue come tumbling out.

We support each other and because of the trust it enables us to release and let go of some of our fears and unhappiness.

The group has a sense of wellbeing, openness and fun and it is a pleasure to be a part of, even though sometimes it can be challenging.

The support from each other is something you can’t measure you can just feel it when it’s needed.

Merry Christmas.

The Doorway Christmas Tree

Doorway is very grateful to the Methodist Circuit for allowing us to display a Christmas Tree.

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