Doorway Writing Group December 2017

Posted on December 13, 2017 by Categories: Homelessness, Mental Health, Poetry

Doorway Writing Group December 2017
Beyond discussions about short stories and Quick Read books round the writing table, a number of guests had a go at this month’s crossword and word search puzzles; the word search themes of car parts and dog breeds proved good for stimulating some interesting conversations.
There seemed to be quite a French theme to today’s session: in honour of K’s dedication in completing the jigsaw picture of an open air cafe scene in Paris, three of the crossword answers also had a French connection: cul-de-sac (a street or passage closed at one end); pas de deux (a dance for two people); Pyrenees (mountain range between France and Spain). We discussed a few funny ways of including all three in a special short story but in the end J opted to write out a couple of poems for us instead. Happy reading and happy Christmas! Be with you again in the New Year.

Advent (a poem by J)
The names and dates carved into the wall
Beyond living memory
Castaways of history
But candle flames
Maybe a flicker of remembrance
For those who pause in halls
Between and after the wars
When the lights are put outside
And the trees are brought indoors
And the everlasting arms of the God-who-is-good
Wait to safely gather them all

Sharp-shooting (a poem by J)
Monday night in the Ladyfield Drive
The lights are on and we’re alive
Warm ups, jogging, pant and stretch
Off Kev dashes to fetch the vests
Kick off and there’s no anxiety
The future’s round and leathery
Criss-crossing, zigzagging
Football Rules
We’re nobody’s fools
For an hour or so, start the week,
Just sharpshooting

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