Doorway Writing Group March 2018

Posted on March 3, 2018 by Categories: Mental Health, Poetry

Writing Group March 2018
A quiet session this month. With temperatures outside bitter and more snow imminent, our guests were understandably preoccupied with thoughts other than creative writing:
No time for a rhyme or a fun anecdote
It’s a hot meal that’s needed, a hat, scarf and coat.

It was also the day of Dean’s funeral which some of our guests had been wanting to attend; since the weather had prevented them from making the trip to Salisbury, a number of his friends – including our most regular writer J – had chosen to have a jam in the music room instead in his honour. R I P Dean!
No original writing then this time but the crossword, word search and word puzzle still proved popular around the different tables with both guests and volunteers. It was also great to see that three guests had borrowed books from our library over the last couple of weeks.
We’ll be back for more reading, writing and word fun in early April. Here’s hoping everyone stays warm and safe!

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