Doorway Writing Group November 2017

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Doorway Writing Group November 2017

In addition to a crossword, guests were invited to complete a word search this month focusing on popular cartoon characters. This combination seemed to work well with at least seven guests participating, aided and encouraged by volunteers and two visiting literacy/learning disability specialists.
J composed what he called ‘a daft poem’ for us to enjoy. See below. He also took up the challenge of including words from this session’s crossword in a piece of writing, selecting the words ‘mastiff’ and ‘teashop’ to weave into part 3 of his short story. He had, he said, been looking for a few fresh ideas to spark some connections and these would do just fine! We’ll certainly look forward to seeing what he does with them – part 3 to be posted in our December blog.

Bat Lament (a poem by J)

The simple art of letting go
Is not too cool for bats you know,
For not being stuck to the ceiling
We end up on the floor
Which makes bat bedtimes such a chore
Ah well, fear of the dark is all in my mind
But what bothers me batty is we’re mostly blind
Such a cruel joke of nature
Has made us all nocturnal aviators
So if humans when trying to rest
Glimpse a flattering shape in a high vis vest
A high-pitched shriek and a miner’s hat
It’s only me…
The scaredy bat.

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