Empty Room

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(Lyrics by J)

Stooping to pick up a battered

Coin from the kerbside

A subject of the Scarecrow King

From the outside

Where does he go when the job has ended?

Does he listen to the news?

Where does the summer fade from?

Pastels pinks and blues

From the moon

In the passing free-for-all

Roses bloom and shadows fall


Pigeons bring him postcards

The sun’s become a broken drum.

The wind sighs a graveside tune

Rustling the wallpaper in an

Old and empty room

Hanging, slashed and tattered pieces

Waiting for a broom

There’s a place in town

But when the crowds surround

It’s hard to make a way

Fear, self, hate, confusion

Make an ordinary day

Night falls – the land grows dark

Thoughts of home vanish like the starlings

In the park

Clouds drift by silhouetted trees

Fate dances with night-time mysteries

(Repeat chorus)

He wants a place

He can return once more

Maybe find a number on a door

Windows, walls, ceiling, floor

Recognise a face he’s seen before

(Alt chorus)

He wants to leave these

Postcards from the moon

Be someone, beat a drum

Find someone to whistle his tune

He wants to buy some wallpaper

To brighten up his room

Throw on another tin of paint

On a rainy afternoon.

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