Feedback from our guests keeps us going…

Found this letter from one of our guests whilst unpacking boxes today in the office:-

“There are times when I am mentally, emotionally living in a very dark place. Those times are now becoming few and far between. It is not completely dark, for the gloom is fragmented by the flickering flame of a candle. Doorway, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for providing that candle.

Lisa, when the Lottery fund asks you why you deserve funding, tell them that you provide candles for those in need. Somehow I don’t think that will satisfy the accountants, but that is what you have done for me.

Reading back through the post I know I haven’t done Doorway justice. I know and many others know that when your friends turn away from you because you horrify / appal / disgust them, Doorway won’t. Doorway will give them hope. That’s a massive thing to give – probably non-quantifiable!!”

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