Gareth writes about why he ran the London Marathon in support of Doorway

My name is Gareth and I lived in Wiltshire for a number of years whilst serving in the armed forces. I left the army last year and spent a brief period living in the north east before moving to Chippenham. In my new community I quickly recognised the excellent work and effort that Lisa Lewis puts into Doorway, pretty much her entire heart and soul.

 Last October I found out that I had secured a place in the London marathon and my friend Michelle suggested I run for Doorway. I took Michelle’s advice on board and I have since raised around £600 for an extremely worthy cause.

 Since 2007 I have never lived in one place for longer than a year. I know first-hand what it is like to face regular disruption to your life when moving around seemingly constantly. However, this is nothing in comparison to the problems and issues that Lisa at Doorway helps people with on a daily basis.

 In November I wrote for the Independent newspaper about my worries regarding leaving the armed forces and subsequent issues of poverty and homelessness. This is an issue that is very much close to my heart and I really hope I can continue to help Doorway in Wiltshire in whatever way I can.

 There is very much a family / community feeling surrounding Doorway and that is testament to the outstanding and unbelievable work they undertake. I would of course welcome the day where Doorway’s services are no longer required, yet until then I implore you to help where and when you can, to help those in need who need our help the most.

 Gareth May 2015

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