Outcome Report on Guest B

Guest B had been coming to Doorway for many years.

Throughout that time he had struggled with drug and alcohol dependencies, relationship failure and ill health.

In the past he had been given and lost tenancies and had spiralled further and further down.

Guest B was frequently a rough sleeper or a sofa surfer. he was often viewed as an easy target by his associates and he reached his lowest point last December when he was assaulted and left in a phone box in sub zero temperatures. He was bleeding from wounds and had suffered a skull fracture. Guest B was found by a passer-by who called an ambulance.

Whilst in the RUH, Bath, Guest B was visited by a Doorway volunteer who, on a second visit discovered that he was due to be discharged as medically fit to go home as the hospital records showed a former address for him. The Doorway volunteer was able to talk at length to the ward nursing staff and Doctor and assured them that Guest B had, in fact, nowhere to stay and if he were to be discharged, the prognosis was likely to be poor as temperatures had fallen even further.

The ward agreed to retain him until Doorway and other agencies could find safe provision for him.

Guest B was now clean from drugs and alcohol and determined to make a fresh start. He knew that if he was to succeed, his best chance was well away from Chippenham and his former associates.

Senior Doorway staff then had to work swiftly as Christmas Eve wasn’t far away.

Working closely with other agencies, a safe and suitable place was found for Guest B and on Christmas Eve a senior Doorway staff member took him there, and ensured that adequate support and medical care (including drug and alcohol support) was put in place.

Guest B keeps in touch with Doorway. He has settled well in his new environment and is now doing voluntary work under the guidance of the staff at his new home.

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