Public Poetry

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Homeless and vulnerable people are not public property!

Just saying …..

I’m living on the street, that does not make

Me yours to feed with food I do not eat

Though I may lay my hat before your feet

My history is not your tale to take.

I’m old, I’m poor, I’m ill, I haven’t got

A pot to piss in, or a welcome mat

You still don’t get to patronise, or pat

My head as if you think I’ve lost the plot.

I’m pregnant, I’m in prison, I’m alone

I’m lost, I’m frightened in a foreign land

I’m vulnerable, but not, you understand

Your bitch. My mind and body are my own.

So touch me not, nor tell my tale for me

For I am not your public property.

© Gail Foster 17th May 2018

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