Our Impact

Supporting people to acquire and stay in their own homes, and to manage their mental and physical health better improves not just their own lives but also those around them, including family members and the local community. Helping people manage their drug and alcohol dependence through referrals to our own Addiction Support Group and to Turning Point enables people to address other issues in their lives such as debt and unemployment, which in turn reduces antisocial behaviour. Some of our interventions are one-off referrals to housing, GPs, or the rough sleeper team which can resolve a particular issue quickly, but others are made over the long term, sometimes over years.

During 2020-21 despite the national lockdowns we stayed open and provided 100 (2019: 99) sessions face to face, served 1222 (2019: 3,487) meals to 158 (2019: 215) individuals, with an average of 15 guests per session (2019: 32). Guests came from towns including Corsham, Bath, Malmesbury, Salisbury, Swindon, Trowbridge, Melksham and the surrounding villages, with 87% (2020: 85%) coming from Chippenham. The primary reason stated for homelessness was relationship breakdown.

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