Steve’s Story

Steve has been visiting Doorway on and off over the years since 2005. Unfortunately he falls into the typical cycle that we regularly witness – rough sleeping to being housed to rough sleeping again.

We are currently very very concerned about his welfare. He has arrived at the stage in his journey of life where he simply has nothing left to live for. However, there is no organisation or agency, from us to the police to the NHS, which is able to help him in any way since he just won’t help himself. One of the most frustrating issues is that when he is admitted to hospital he will simply walk out so that he can get a drink. Or he will be discharged to no fixed abode.

And it’s heartbreaking to watch someone spiral into a decline at such a rapid rate whilst being absolutely helpless…

In 2009 Steve recorded this interview with BBC Radio Wiltshire – listen to it and gain an insight into the reasons why he became dependent on alcohol and heroin. Back then he still had ‘hope’. Today that sense of hope has totally disappeared.

So when you see Steve, or someone like him, drunk and incoherent or begging in the street then remember that he has a lifetime story to tell and that it didn’t just happen overnight or out of choice.

Steve’s Interview BBC Radio Wiltshire 2009

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