The Corporate Scrouge

Posted on February 8, 2015 by Categories: Poetry

Corporate control

It’s devouring us

Money over love

Let’s fight this scourge

Governments work for them

Business interests

Come before the state

Let’s fight this scourge

Most of humanity’s unaware

Do they know or do they care

Too busy watching cheap tv

Wanna be a celebrity


This speaks from a place of outrage but it’s vibrant and eloquent, too. It may be unfinished yet even as a fragment it says enough to be perfectly intelligible. It contains a sentiment that can be easy to ridicule—characterise as naïve, but I feel its power. It does seem (to me, as well) that unelected corporations and plutocrats are all-powerful and it is to their benefit if ‘humanity’ is distracted by the ‘bread and circuses’ of ‘cheap tv’ and ‘celebrity’. Questioning the status quo is very important and C understands that we should never lose sight of this nor the right to do so.

When C came to the writing group this song lyric was already in her head. She said it fitted to the tune of…but couldn’t quite remember the name of singer or song. She hummed a few bars but even then I had no idea what it was. But having a tune or rhythm in mind is a useful way of starting a song lyric or poem. Perhaps I should use my own advice more often (that would be a first).

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