The Doorway Community – Feedback from a Partner Agency

“Doorway continues to improve and grow.

As a drug and alcohol agency worker who attends weekly I feel we are able to engage people who are difficult to reach and we regularly take referrals from people who want help with their substance misuse, signpost and give advice and information.

Doorway is a safe and efficient project, well managed and effective. It provides a co-ordinated and positive meeting point for all kinds of people, vulnerable and otherwise.

The sense of community it engenders provides much needed solace to the isolated. Workers and volunteers have a non-judgemental and friendly approach that enables people to feel good about asking for help.

It’s a one stop shop for a person in crisis who can access help with housing, employment, substance problems and much more.

To have so many kinds of people, some of whom can be volatile, meet and eat in the same space is an achievement to be applauded.

I want a similar, smaller project in my home town to model itself on Doorway which to my mind is a model of excellence and should be rolled out across the land as part of a solution to the increasing problems of our age.”

Gail – New Highway

Doorway is very grateful for the support from local agencies and organisations. Without their valuable input we would not be able to deliver such an outstanding service to our guests.

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