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The Challenge:

Here at MoneySupermarket we believe in giving something back. That’s why, every year we support one selected national charity alongside several other local charities within our homeland of north Wales.
As part of our fundraising efforts, we run several ‘Queen of Shops’ challenges where we hand each participating member of staff £30 and challenge them to buy as many goods as they can with it for charities in our local area.
But now, to mark her Majesty the Queen’s official birthday on June 15, we are throwing the challenge open to all bloggers!
We’ll give every blogger who enters our aptly-named ‘Retail Royalty Challenge’ £30 to spend on the most appropriate gifts (this could be anything from clothes, toys, food, toiletries, books etc) for a registered charity of their choice that’s local to them.

The Blogger:

Emma Stuart is a freelance proof reader and editor who has just completed the newly formatted Doorway website at no cost (except several meals!) She also regularly contributes to a blog called Ladies What. Emma contacted us at Doorway and suggested that we apply for the £30 and she would then blog about how we rose to the challenge, with the hope of winning…

The Result:

Doorway was delighted to find out that we were selected by the judges as one of their three favourites, and therefore a runner up, and we are very grateful to Emma for all her hard work and enthusiasm.

The Blog:

Emma’s written account of the challenge can be found on the Ladies What blog.

How to turn £30 into £98 worth of dog food…

The Thanks:

Huge thanks go to Jollyes in Chippenham, Wiltshire for their generosity in enabling us to to turn £30 into £98.68 worth of dog food!

Sue (Doorway Volunteer) & John (Jollyes)

Thanks also go to our volunteer, Sue, who has proved yet again that she is the bargaining queen of the Wiltshire!!

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