Weather Snow and Ice

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‘i’ cover December 21st 2010

Great Britain is at the moment enduring a national phenomenon with weather conditions happening which are uncommon for this time of year. But where is the blame being put? It is not an act of God, it is not part of the climate change, these so called phenomena have been happening for centuries and I am sure will happen again in the future. Yes, the airport, road and railway infrastucture is grinding to a halt, has it not in the past?
So who do we all blame, well of course we blame the infrastucture. Should we not look closer to home? I am sure the public services are doing their utmost to alleviate the problem in a way they think best especially with the so-called constraints they have been put under. The passengers at the airports (who can’t get away for their sunny holidays) the train and road users, who can’t carry out their normal lives. The call is if you don’t have to travel then don’t. But people still try. Yes, work has to be carried out, but so also has personal safety. Think of the emergency services trying their utmost to carry out their normal working procedures. The news channels last weekend showed a vehicle ignoring a ‘Police: Road Closed’ sign and just driving through it, what does that prove, ‘I’ve got a 4×4’ –  so what? The majority of people at the hub of the travel congestion areas are acting in a reasonable and responsible manner by accepting the inevitable and just accept it as a part of life. However, yes we still have the minority that will blame anyone, especially those in close contact with the problem.
The latest comment that is currently being aired on the media channels is “CALL IN THE TROOPS”. Don’t the people of Great Britain and its allies (many of whose citizens are caught up in this travel crisis) realise that the men and women of Her Majesty’s Forces are caught up in many conflicts around the globe and the last thing they want after a stenuous tour of duty in a “war zone” is to be called upon to clear runways and roads so people can get on with their lives? This has already happened in Scotland in the last month when we saw members of the Armed Forces clearing roads and pavements. Shame on them all. Our Forces deserve better than that. Many people will disagree with my thoughts on this matter but my advice to you is to get a life and look forward to the summer when we will be all complaining it is too hot!!!!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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